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In reality people are always motivated by incentives including discounts, coupons, and gifts. WeChat users are no exception. By employing WeChat Coupons, brands can engage more users and drive more sales.

What is WeChat Coupon?

Today, the WeChat coupon is a pretty common concept for most consumers. There are two kinds of coupons on WeChat.


#1 ‘Shareable’ Coupons

Once a user receives a shareable coupon, all of the user’s friends can see the coupon in their Cards & Offers. This type of coupon allows both the users and his or her friends to redeem the coupon, creating more exposure and driving sales. There are two types of Shareable Coupons: Cash Coupons and Exchange for Gift/Service Coupons.


#2 Normal Coupon

When a user receives a normal coupon, he or she can choose to keep it for personal use or share it with a friend. The brand can decide whether a normal coupon can be shared to a friend. There are five different types of Normal Coupons: discount coupon, cash coupon, exchange for gifts/service coupon, group purchase coupon, and customizable coupon which is based on a brand’s specific needs.


———WeChat Coupon Redemption———

There are two methods to redeem a coupon:

#1 Self-service Redemption

Before issuing a coupon, brands have the option to set a redemption verification code and require all users to redeem the coupon in-store. For an extra layer of security, brands can also assign a staff verification code that must be input by a store staff when customers are redeeming the coupon. Brands can also choose to be notified with every coupon redemption transaction in order to maintain up-to-date accounting records.


#2 Scanning Redemption

Brands also have the option to offer in-store redemption via a QR code scan or by manually inputting the coupon code.


———How can coupons help brands improve sales performance?———

#1 Multiple Touch Points

Coupons can be attached to online campaigns, embedded in the weekly post, or directly sent to users. This means there are plenty of opportunities to capture users’ attention and drive them to a point of sales to make a purchase.

#2 Traffic Driving: Online to Offline

Coupon is an effective way to convert traffic from online to offline, and vice versa. So how does this work in practice? A user receives a coupon from a friend and uses it to purchase a product in-store. As the user must follow the official WeChat account in order to redeem the coupon, the brand can now retarget this new user with future offers and promotions.

#3 Loyalty Points

Brands can further engage users and drive sales by developing a Social CRM program for their E-Commerce platform. Members can earn reward points for each purchase in the e-commerce store. They can then redeem these points in exchange for coupons thus generating more sales.

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Co-authored by Jenny Li and Kate Tratten
Edited by Suyu Meng
Image Source: CuriosityChina and the Internet

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