Do you know who your brand ambassadors are?

Social Media

Thanks to today’s advanced social CRM solutions we can now identify the most active and influential members on an official WeChat account. In a market where top KOLs can charge thousands of dollars for one post and consumers are heavily swayed by peer recommendations, this information is worth its weight in gold.


In this article, we share our three-step plan to maximizing your WeChat community in China and connecting with your next brand ambassadors:


Step 1: Identify your most active members

Using our SaaS Social CRM solution, CURIO, you can see in a glance the most active members on your account city by city. Planning a sampling campaign soon? Target these members first to ensure that your content receives the most shares. Brands that make the effort to identify and reward the most active members will reap rewards in the form customer loyalty.


Step 2: Extract sharing network data


Planning a WeChat campaign any time soon? Our latest technology allows you to extract user sharing data to help you visualize how users spread your campaign. This means that after the close of your next campaign it will be possible to identify those members of your account that have the most social influence. By looking at sharing trends we can see which members brought the most traffic to the account via social sharing. The next time you have a brand event, leverage this data to invite the most influential members in your community.


Step 3: Track social mentions

Using CURIO EYE industry monitoring solution, you can go a step further and identify niche KOLs and media that are already talking about your brand! The keyword monitoring function allows you to track mentions on WeChat related to your brand. This is a great way to find new KOL collaborations!




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