Live from New York, it’s the Tory Burch Fall/Winter 2017 Show

Case Studies

The latest campaign from Tory Burch leveraged WeChat live streaming to transport Chinese fashion lovers to the front row of the brand’s New York fashion show.

The energy surrounding a fashion show is difficult to transmit to consumers on the other side of the globe. The crowd hushes, the lights come on, and the music begins as the first willowy model appears at the end of the runway…

Tory Burch successfully transmitted the energy and excitement of New York Fashion Week to their Chinese audience via an interactive WeChat campaign that culminated in a live-streamed video of the brand’s 2017 Fall/Winter collection.

Part one of the campaign kicked off the day before the New York show. Users were invited to vote for their favorite Tory Burch looks before sharing their contact information to be entered in a lucky draw campaign. Winners received a voucher to retrieve a Valentine’s Day rose from the nearest Tory Burch store. The objective was three-fold:

  1. Collect user data to bind to the Tory Burch CRM database
  2. Drive traffic to Tory Burch boutiques
  3. Promote the brand’s latest “It” bag – the T Satchel.

How effective was this campaign?

By examining the engagement data collected via CURIO EYE, we can easily determine how effective Tory Burch’s latest post was in engaging its Chinese audience on WeChat.

We can see a dramatic increase in the read count of the article just prior to the live streaming of the fashion show. Readership of the main article on the day of the fashion show (February 13th) witnessed a 42% increase as compared to its previous article dated January 26th.

Tory Burch managed to effectively connect and engage with their followers through this interactive and innovative initiative.

What can brands learn from this?

Increasing user engagement and providing fresh content allows the brand to retain its followers and remain competitive on social media platforms.


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