Rosewood Launches Group Account

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Rosewood Launches Group Account

Today, Chinese users are accustomed to using WeChat to manage their daily lives. The hospitality industry has responded to this by making it possible for guests to plan their entire stay within the hotel’s official WeChat account, from booking a room to reserving a massage.

Now Rosewood has taken this a step further and launched a group account in addition to their property accounts.

The formula for success for group-level WeChat accounts is to establish a clear, strategic position, something which Rosewood has done very well. The account caters to Chinese travelers who are high-spenders and travel frequently. Its WeChat account act as an aggregated tool for travelers who wish to explore Rosewood properties in China and across the globe.

Users can reserve their stay at Rosewood Hotels worldwide directly through WeChat. In order to further promote the new account, Rosewood is offering WeChat exclusive promotions for guests who reserve directly via the platform.

To introduce the global properties, Rosewood launched an immersive H5 to plunge followers into the brand universe.

In the “12 Days of Rosewood” H5, followers are invited to discover some of the groups iconic properties including the Crillon in Paris and Rosewood London.

In conclusion, it is important for users to be able to differentiate the purpose of a group-level from a brand/property level WeChat account. Content should not be replicated across all accounts as each serves different purpose.

The Rosewood group account does an excellent job of communicating the brand values and inviting guests to discover the collection of global properties.

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