September WeChat Top 5 – Travel Industry

WeChat Top 5

Busy planning your Golden Week travel itinerary?

Check out the Top 5 WeChat accounts in the Travel industry !

1. 蚂蜂窝自由行

WeChat ID: mafengwo_2006

Mafengwo is a popular mobile application many Chinese for travel. In its top article, it featured a unique and somewhat unknown travel destination  – Er Ji Na (额济纳)

In addition to featuring stunning images of the spot, Mafwengo also shared tips aimed to help budding photographer take stunning vacation pictures and even listed mistakes novice photographers should avoid.

2. 众信旅游

WeChat ID: zhongxinlvyou

In this article, 众信旅游 leveraged on a common sight during the holidays  to create engagement,  the “mum” pose.

So, what is the pose we are talking about? During your travels, you might have seen middle-aged Chinese women holding up a scarf billowing in the air. That’s it!

The “mum” pose is known to many young Chinese as old-fashioned, but yet it resonates with reader by recalling loving memories of our parents.


3. 同程旅游 

WeChat ID:tc0017

This article proves a little humor can go a long way. In its top article, 同程旅游 starts the story with cute cartoon graphics of an average girl who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle and slim down. As the story progress, it introduces an interesting fact and suggests that sex is one of the most effective fat-burning exercise. What’s their suggestion? Book a hotel room! 

This particular brand of humor garnered extremely high rates of social engagements based on reads, likes and shares.


WeChat ID: Zanaducn

Unlike its competitors, Zanadu has a different market positioning strategy. It aims to be the go-to online platform for premium and luxury travel.

In this article, it showcases the brand history, consumers target segment and products of different premium tea brands available in England. In conclusion, it provides information on a premium travel package to England and invites users to join them on a tea journey.



5. 穷游网

WeChat ID: qyer2012

Ever wondered what it’s like to travel the world and satisfy your hobby of collecting vintage items without any financial worries? 穷游网 top article features one such Chinese couple who has been living such a lifestyle.

During the interview, the couple shares their life story and the challenges they face in order to sustain such a lifestyle. At the end of the article, the editor narrates the purpose of the article, which is to show that such a lifestyle is not impossible, what is more important is people finding the true value in one’s lifetime

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